Configurable Cylinders

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Configurable Cylinders


A hydraulic cylinder is an actuator that is producing linear movement, meaning that the hydraulic energy is converted to a mechanical movement. It is mostly used in manufacturing machinery, construction equipment, and civil engineering but has many other applications.  The custom cylinder is adjusted to the machine and its precise specifications.

  • Operating Pressure up to 3500 psi
  • Push force up to 43982 lbf
  • Pull force up to 30066 lbf

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Cheetah Hydraulics cylinders offers customization in Cylinder Basics (operating pressure, bore, rod size, shaft material, stroke), Shaft Mount and Base Mount (option for the hole, internal thread, external thread; clevis, lug or none accessory type, and pin hole size), Shaft Stickout Adder length, Port Orientation, Lengths (tube and rod length), and Color.

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Configurable cylinders