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About Cheetah Hydraulics

With over 2500 in stock, ready-to-ship hydraulic cylinders, our team at Cheetah Hydraulics is on a mission to ensure continuous operations of construction sites, road pavings, warehouses and vehicles, oil rigs and other facilities worldwide.

Providing reliable, high-quality, double-acting, small-bore welded hydraulic cylinders that reach you fast is our team’s top priority. 

Choosing Cheetah Hydraulics means you:

  • Have an extensive inventory of hydraulic cylinders to choose from.
  • Streamline your buying process with no lead time. 
  • Maintain continuous operations.
  • Save time and money.

Our welded cylinders’ bore diameter ranges from 1” to 2½”, with a maximum stroke length of 36” and operating pressure of up to 3000 PSI. With chrome-plated cylinder rods, honed tube, robust seal packages, and black priming and painting, the cylinders are strong and sturdy. Prior to being shipped, each hydraulic cylinder is pressure tested. Only the highest quality cylinders, ready for immediate use, will reach you.

Cheetah Hydraulics high quality cylinders, ready for immediate use

Cheetah Hydraulics high quality cylinders, ready for immediate use

At Cheetah Hydraulics, each member of our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction as a customer. In the pursuit of excellence, we value reliability, integrity, collaboration, efficiency, and transparency. Elements like the quality of our products, the consistency of our services, ethical business practices, collaboration, efficiency, and open communication are non-negotiable for us.

Our cylinders, together with the team’s vast experience in the industry and work culture, allow us to consistently serve customers in agriculture, forestry, construction, manufacturing, and other industries.

Here’s what Tony, our loyal customer, has to say: “What I genuinely appreciate about Cheetah and their team is the streamlined processes that make ordering easy, whether it’s RFQ, delivery, or something in between. I felt heard and valued whenever I needed assistance.”

Find the welded cylinder that suits your needs here or reach out to our customer support team. 

However, if you’re searching for a reliable partner for configurable cylinders with affordable prices and lower lead time - join our waitlist here and be the first to know when Cheetah Hydraulics configurable cylinders launch.


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